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Riley Pope & Laney offers a complete package of default services from title curative, foreclosure, loss mitigation, litigation and bankruptcy through eviction, mobile home titling, REO sale and closing.  Our emphasis is customer service, both to our clients and the customers of our clients.  To achieve that goal our files are assigned to a single paralegal by client, from complaint filed to deed recorded.  We are not an assembly-line shop.  The client, the judiciary, and the defendant have a single point of contact at our firm. Each debtor is treated with respect and courtesy, while maintaining the integrity of the attorney client relationship by not providing legal advice.

Riley Pope & Laney has chosen to concentrate its practice only in South Carolina because of the diverse requirements and unique characteristics of the 46 counties in our judicial foreclosure state.

Have you been served?  Are you a defendant in a foreclosure action?  Click here for “Frequently Asked Questions in South Carolina Master-in-Equity Court” approved by the Supreme Court of South Carolina.

To learn more about our foreclosure and bankruptcy practice, please contact Lowndes Pope at or Heidi Carey at or at  (803) 799-9993.

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